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If the thought of appearing on National TV or Radio presenting your law expertise to millions has ever crossed your mind, we should probably speak. Legal PR Team delivers your message to the world.

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Legal PR Team has the capability of getting you seen on TV, heard on  Radio, and read about in Newspapers. We have the capability of managing your press conferences and getting your clients in the news. Legal PR can also manage your Social Media and even create your own radio show from the ground up. We have strong established contacts in the National & Local media and we are relentless about our Clients success.

Traditional Media

Legal PR Team’s media relationships are cultivated to provide you the following services that include: planned announcements, proactive story pitches, press release management, contributed article placement, media tours, B-roll, editorial calendar management, speaking opportunities programs, awards submissions, review programs, case studies, blogger relations, fast-reaction breaking news pitches and guerrilla programs.

Press Conferences

When you need to try your case in the media as well as the courtroom, Legal PR Team has your back. We will plan, setup, and promote your press conference as well thoroughly preparing you & your client to communicate with the media.

Social Media


Legal PR Team’s combined communications knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of the Social Media landscape ensure that your message is effectively communicated. Legal PR Team’s Media Relations Specialists are experts in social networking, search engine optimization (SEO), and building a strong presence on Facebook & Twitter. As 2 billion videos a day are watched on YouTube, Legal PR Team also creates custom built YouTube Channels.

Website / Blog

When you want a website and a compelling blog to captivate the attention of millions, Legal PR Team is your solution. We can build your site & blog within 48 hours. Website & Blog services include: registering the domain name, writing all website content, posting your recent media appearances, adding original graphics, getting your website / blog added to the top of all the major search engines, and fully incorporating your site / blog with the latest Social Media tools.

Host Your Own Radio Show

Ever dreamed of hosting your own radio show? Legal PR Team  can create, produce, and promote your show. They’ll even book high profile legal guests and build a strong audience for the program. Having a track record as a successful Radio Show Host will do nothing but, open future doors for your media ventures.

What Attorneys Are Saying About Legal PR Team

“Holly Cow!!!  I am stunned!!  I don’t know if you understand the personal impact of being on 101.5 for me but that radio station is the gold standard of NJ Radio in a state that I grew up and currently practice in!!   To be quoted on the evening drive-home on a Friday night during …

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Anatomy Of Your First Television Appearance

Anatomy Of Your First Television Appearance The moment has arrived for millions people to see your expertise on National Television. You’re excited, you’re nervous, you imagine all the things you’ll say and if you’ll get a standing ovation from the crew in the studio. 1 minute until the interview starts. Here’s how the interview came …

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